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Just Be Held…

First of all I will say up front, these are not my words.  At least the song is not.  I say that for one person in particular and they know who they are.  However, I have felt this song has been something God wanted me to hear today.  It seems to be everywhere I go. It is on my mind.  I had to stop and listen to it in its entirety.  There are so many things I could take and write from the lyrics.  There are concepts and analogies….but right now, I just wanted to post it because I believe I need to remember it today and look back on it as part of my journey.  I don’t know all the significance it will have, but I know there will be some.

God is good about placing lyrics in my head that sing through to my heart when I don’t know what to say to Him, or how to pray.  He lets me know He already knows. He is kind and loving like that.  He is close today and He is talking…even if it is through the lyrics to a song that He gave to someone else.

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