Monday, Monday….

He tried again today. He just doesn’t give up.

The one to which I refer is the devil or any of his minions. After battling a sinus migraine for all of Sunday, I worked to prepare for work this morning. The pain in my head had eased somewhat, but it lurked in my temples and cheekbones making me aware that it could flare up at any moment.

So, armed with my glasses, some prescriptions in case I had a flare up, and the rest of my gear, I headed out. Since sometimes caffeine tends to soothe a headache, I decided I would drive thru and get a coke. I know it is probably one of the most unhealthy things I could drink and I don’t normally drink them, but today I was only thinking of my headache.

There were not many cars and the line was short, but as I got closer to the window, I began watching the person in the car behind me. It was a younger lady and she was flustered. She was trying to get her make up on and pulling forward while using the rear view mirror to apply mascara. I thought about it for a moment and it seem like someone whispered, “Pay for her breakfast.” So, when I got to the window, I asked the lady if I could pay for the person’s order in the car behind me. She said, “Sure!” and it was done. It wasn’t much…about five dollars, but as I exited the drive thru, I began to pray that somehow in some small way the lady’s day would be blessed and whatever lay ahead for her that she would know that someone cared.

I drove to work with resolve to implement some things that I had thought out over the weekend. There were some things I wanted to change, talk through, ideas to be shared, etc… I walked in and unlocked my office and began my day and within thirty minutes things started to unravel.

It wasn’t just one thing. The headache lingered and some other physical symptoms began to develop. Ideas that once seemed good no longer seemed like they would be the correct approach. Meetings and issues and the general daily activities suddenly seemed overwhelming to me. By mid-morning, I was shaky and I felt I was losing my composure.

I made it through several required duties and then excused myself for the day. I came home to find that I was running a low grade temp and my eyes were burning. Several signs pointed to the fact that I was physically unwell. After trying to work for a bit, I decided I needed to lie down.

I slept for a couple of hours. At this point, I am not sure how long. I just know it was deep sleep and I felt a bit refreshed. I began to take care of some paperwork and other things I had brought home with me, hoping the day wouldn’t be a total loss.

I never thought again about the girl at the restaurant until this evening. I mentioned it to a friend and I told her to beware of random acts of kindness. It seemed like once I paid for the breakfast everything else went downhill. Then, I began to think a little more about it and I wondered if perhaps by caring and praying for that lady and hoping for a blessed day for her if I had brought spiritual warfare on myself?

I don’t know for certain, but maybe she was spared some trial or adversity today and instead it was directed back at me. I know I felt to do that for a reason. I may never know why. Perhaps it was all the physical symptoms affecting me that caused my day to seem overwhelming. Perhaps the devil did not like me reaching out. I choose to think I made him angry or I stirred something up in the spiritual realm because I took a few moments to pray and to reach out.

I don’t know what tomorrow holds, but if there is some way that I can lighten someone else’s burden, I pray that God will allow me to do so…even if it might cause me to have a more difficult day. Maybe tomorrow I will recognize the attack and have a stronger defense.

Until next time,



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