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Things I Learned in Kindergarten-Blessed Assurance

Wednesday was chapel day and my Kindergarten class slowly made their way into the sanctuary and down the long row that would seat all fifteen of them, plus one tired teacher.  Since the row was not made to really seat fifteen five-year olds and one adult, we were a little bit cramped and I found myself placing my arm along the back of the bench to give a little more shoulder-to-shoulder room for the student sitting next to me.  This particular student was a pixie with long brown hair and a mouth that continuously chattered throughout the day earning her multiple warnings about behavior.  She was a leader on the playground and I had noticed many times the swing of her long hair as she delegated responsibilities to her ladies-in-waiting, a.k.a. classmates, in whatever pretend play happened to capture her attention.  She was very independent and seemed to be affected by nothing.

As the chapel service progressed and our speaker began outlining his topic, I kept noticing that she had put her head back against my arm and that little-by-little she began to scoot toward my side.  At first I regarded this as a simple case of the jitter bugs prevalent in most five-year olds.  Then, I realized she was trying to move closer to me, and my heart melted when she finally reached my side and leaned her head into my chest.  The little bird that I had so often thought was impervious to my scolding, a leader to her classmates, and an independent spirit, needed to be close to me to the point of leaning on me.  This unobtrusive action made me want to put both arms around her and hug her tight, but I refrained and pretended not to notice what had happened.

This incident churned in my mind throughout the day and I began to think about several things that have happened in my personal life lately.  There have been times when I needed a place to lay my head, or someone who I could lean on or sit beside.  One of my favorite quotes from A.A. Milne is the one I have included with this post.  Although the words are simple, “I just want to be sure of you” speaks volumes. 

You can be close to someone both physically and emotionally without being sure of them.  It is the surety that makes you feel safe and the surety that continues to deepen the bond of the relationship.  When the surety is gone, something is lost.  Every once in a while we all need to be “sure” of someone.  Despite the fact they are present in our lives, possibly on a daily basis, there are times when we need that extra assurance.  My little bird knew that I was there for her and despite my scolding and continued instruction to her throughout the school day, she just needed a moment to be sure of me and it touched my heart. 

Children are innocent and simple in thoughts and actions, but so much of who we are as adults stems from this very innocence.  I can think of nothing more important to me than to have those in my life that I can be sure of, and more importantly, to know there is One in whom I can always be sure and whose shoulders and side are big enough to lean on in uncertain times. I hope you have that assurance as well.

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We meet again…Do you remember me?

Sigh…I don’t know why this has taken me so long.  The word “vulnerable” pops into my mind, but is that just an excuse?  I am not ready to analyze it right now.  So, let’s move on.  Although I may have been absent in text, I have been present in spirit…

You know when I started that sentence it sounded great and also the rest of the paragraph and the total of three more paragraphs that followed.  The problem is my Internet connection.  During the entire outpouring of my thoughts, the wireless connection decided to disappear into oblivion, so that all those wonderful words were lost and here I am retyping this post.

I guess you will just have to trust me when I say the original version of this post was spectacular!  Yes, really it was.  I just have no way of conjuring that inspiration twice in one evening. However, the constant “Draft saved” message continuously updating at the bottom of the screen is a bit reassuring, and I may be able to at least complete this paragraph before my creativity expires.  My point is…okay, the “Draft saved” is now distracting me because I am wondering if it is trying to trick me into believing it is actually saving this post when in all actuality it did NOT save the original version.  Very deceiving, that little update.

Short version…I am back.  I am writing.  It may be senseless at first, but it is a start.  Uh oh, here we go again.  Now it is not saving…so you will not see this…unless I copy and paste it into a Word document and reboot.  Why didn’t I think of that earlier when I had something spectacular to say?  Now, this is just becoming a bit stressful.  Okay.  Rebooting.  Wait.  Copying and pasting and saving and then rebooting.  See you in a few minutes.

“Connection lost.”  Really?!  Tell me something I didn’t already know.

A few minutes later…

Thank you brain for kicking in and reminding me that I could save my draft to a Word document.  Toshi, I really don’t mean to be critical of you.  You have been a wonderful computer for many years and I know you are tired and having senior moments.  It just happened at a bad time for me.  This whole blogging thing makes me nervous, especially since I despise the word “blog.”  Yes, “Draft saved.”  Thank you!

Okay, so here is my first post.  It is out there and I will come back again tomorrow with more really random thoughts.  We will see where it goes.  I make no promises, but here I am.

“Draft saved.”

Until tomorrow.

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